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The Kumho ha31 all season tyre come rain,snow and sun this tyre will cover it all.Now in stock  

     NOT ALL CARS COME WITH SPARE WHEELS                                                   


                          FOR ONLY £10.00 PLUS VAT A WHEEL

                                                                                      Pre Puncture Application.

Drivesafe highway tyre sealant is designed for use in highway vehicles. Applies a protective coating which acts as a guard against punctures, an alternative product for modern vehicles with no spare wheel in the event of sustaining a puncture offering extended mobility creating self-sealing tyres.

The product is installed into the wheel via the tyre valve, as the wheel rotates the product is distributed in a forward motion. This applies a protective coating on the inner lining of the tread area of the tyre which acts as a guard. When a foreign object penetrates the tyre the air pressure instantly forces the gel into the puncture wound creating a temporary self-sealing tyre. By sealing the puncture instantly offers the driver extended mobility and allows the vehicle to continue their journey this helps to reduce the risks involved in roadside wheel changes.

The advantage of sealing the puncture instantly whilst the vehicle is in motion the flexible seal helps to maintain the correct operating pressure.  This helps to eliminate additional heat build-up within the tyre from operating under pressure which could possibly lead to failure. By helping to maintain correct tyre pressure it helps to maximise full potential tread life of the tyre,  under-inflated tyres have an adverse effect on the vehicle's stability and handling at speed and increase in tread wear. Excessive heat build-up within the tyre resulting from underinflation is the number 1 cause of tyre failure

The product is designed to seal approximately up to 5mm within the crown area of the tyre. The life of the seal is determined by the actual damage to the tyre casing caused by the foreign object,  due to no two punctures are the same. This is due to the wide range of foreign objects scattered on our roads, whether the object has been retained within the tyre tread or has been ejected leaving an open wound, the size of the foreign object and what damage it has done to the tyres construction. A piece of glass wound damage a tyres construction more than a small nail, the product is designed to seal whilst the vehicle is in motion. If the tyre sustained a large wound then the product will reduce the rate of deflation initially eliminating the possibility of a blow-out and allowing the driver to reduce the speed and pull over to a safe place.                                                         

                   Tyre sensor safe, Drivesafe tyre sealant is suitable for vehicles fitted with tyre pressure monitoring sensors

                                                                                            Emergency Tyre Puncture Repair

Emergency tyre puncture repair solution to be used in the unfortunate event of sustaining a puncture offering a temporary method of repair giving you extended mobility.

The product is used the same way as products supplied with modern vehicles supplied with no spare wheel. Once the tyre has suffered a puncture the product is installed into the tyre via the tyre valve. Reinflate the tyre and drive the vehicle, as the wheel starts to rotate the product starts to distribute itself within the tyre and apply a protective coating to the inner tread area. Air pressure from within instantly forces the product into the puncture wound to create a flexible seal offering extended mobility allowing continuation of your journey.

Drivesafe emergency tyre puncture repair solution is water soluble environmentally friendly product which can be washed out from the tyre with just water allowing an inspection to be carried out and a repair to relevant industry standards can be undertaken. Therefore saving the driver the cost of a new tyre.


                                   Also can suitable for wheelbarrows and mower wheels.       


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Class-leading fuel efficiency. The asymmetric Ecowing ES01 KH27’s eco-friendly characteristics afford better rolling resistance and significant fuel savings in comparison to equivalent conventional tyres, combined with improved handling and wet performance.

  • Improved water clearance for high levels of wet performance
  • Excellent handling and cornering in dry and wet conditions
  • Improved fuel efficiency and driving safety


A contemporary tyre for small to medium sized cars, the Solus KH17 offers excellent stability and proven high levels of wet and dry traction.

  • Exceptional stability
  • Excellent cornering grip and braking ability
  • Reduced heat build-up, for improved wet grip and durability


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